About Me


You’ve reached my blog. When I’m not testing recipes, I can be found working in the garden or chasing (literally) my three kids around. I thought toddlers were always on the move – high school, middle, and elementary school has proved far more busy. Don’t get me started on books. What began as a favor to a food editor (reviewing a soon-to-be-published cookbook from a publisher) has helped grow my reading and collecting of cookbooks, old, new, and archival.


I’m the creator of Pastry Sampler, and dedicated a good chunk of my professional career to wedding cake couture. I like to keep readers of my pastry blog updated on bakery business news, equipment auctions I come across, legislation that affects pastry commodities, and buzz in the sweets world. I love the business of baking and all that it entails. And I also specialize in pastry tip sales.

Press Mentions:

Pastry Sampler is frequently listed as a resource in cookbooks, such as Bite By Bite; Coffee and Cake; and Tea and Cookies, and others.

Healthy Cooking:

I grow a lot of my own food and focus on fresh fruits and veggies. I have a gardening blog Cultivate to Plate where I just write about gardening stuff, and share what’s growing in the garden. For two years I was the Healthy Cooking featured writer for a now defunct website, and I wrote about clean and healthy meals in a weekly column.

I had two health scares, one glomerulonephritis, and the other triple negative breast cancer (I’m a BRCA2 carrier) of which I am currently fighting but haven’t yet really wrote about it.

I focus on today. To say I live life in the ‘today’ is so true. You never know what tomorrow holds for you.

Thanks for stopping by. Shoot me a message below. I look forward to hearing from you.