Breast Cancer Journey

The ugly side of living is that sometimes bad things happen. In my case, I found a lump on my breast a week before Thanksgiving 2015 that turned out to be breast cancer. Once I was diagnosed, things have been moving at lightening pace. In the eight months of me first being told I had cancer, I’ve had two biopsies, chemotherapy, genetics testing, an MRI, a lumpectomy, and my ovaries and follopian tubes removed. In the coming months, I’m looking at a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I was 43 when I was diagnosed; I later found out I am BRCA2 positive.

Knowing no one going through this or that has gone through it, I have been sort of going through this thing blind: not knowing what’s in store for each procedure. And half the fear of cancer is just the unknown parts. My hope is that my journey can ease someone else’s journey by explaining the procedures I’ve gone through. At least I can hold your hand for that part. 🙂

Below is a work in progress, of past, current, and future procedures that are part of my cancer treatment. Writing this has helped me immensely as many times I would experience something I would think abnormal, but upon further research I found it was completely normal. By reading these you can see what went on in my cancer journey and hopefully help you in your breast cancer path.

Best of luck to you in yours. Hugs.

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