Fresh From the Stacks: Cookbook of the Week

Fresh From the Stacks: Cookbook of the Week

I have more cookbooks than I’d like to admit to having. I love filtering through the new ones and I have a weak spot for the old ones. Well worn and spotty pages from the books at estate sales or books off the shelves at ‘Friends of the Library’ generally mean those recipes on them are worth trying at least once.

So, I decided to start an infrequently updated post and share a book that I have from my shelves or one that is brand-spanking-new to me. Want to join in? Let me know what you are reading. While I’m scheduling to post on Wednesdays (because that is a quiet day on my editorial calendar), cookbook posts are found any day of the week as I read them. Share your cookbook of the week or whatever you are reading in the culinary world.

Filter through all my cookbooks from Cookbook of the Week or my other cookbook reviews on this blog.

Cookbook of the Week

Want to join in and share your cookbook reads of the week? Here is how this Cookbook of the Week works.

  1. Find the current Cookbook of the Week post.
  2. Enter a link to your blog post containing the cookbook or your cookbook review in the comments. The Cookbook of the Week post on your blog could be simply an image of your purchase, a full review, or even a recipe you tried from the book.
  3. Copy the image of Cookbook of the Week and put it on your blog, if you like. The source code is below.
  4. Link back to this page so others can take part.
  5. Have fun with it. 🙂 This is open to both book blogs and food blogs.


Sand and Succotash - Cookbook of the Week

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