Tom Kerridge and Women in the Kitchen

650px-Pieter_Aertsen_003 art women chefChef Tom Kerridge, of The Hand and Flowers Pub, made heads turn after his comments from an interview at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. He was quoted to have supposed there where not that many women chefs because they didn’t have fire in their bellies. And other things.

More quotes from the Independent, and of his interview:

“Testosterone is probably the wrong word, but [it’s about] that dynamic of getting things done, that ability to dig deep and be put under pressure. To go to the extreme where some kitchens go to – where it’s very uncomfortable, where at some point there is perhaps violence, where it perhaps feels threatening – that is taken away a lot by having girls in the kitchen.”


Read the full article from the Tom Kerridge: Female chefs don’t have ‘fire’ to make it to top level – but ‘girls in the kitchen I like – it makes it not so aggressive’ by Jenn Selby.