Cake Cutting: A Perfect Way?

I’ll admit it: I’ve always loved algebra. Geometry? Eh, not so much. But with algebra, you can literally solve anything, especially when baking. For example, take this question from How can we make enough chocolate chip cookies for an exact amount of people with only one recipe? Easy, use algebra. Or, this question from a text book word problem from How many trays of each type of muffins should the baker make to maximize his profit? Use linear algebra. Or, how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or the other way around ( Create an algebraic formula.

How to cut a perfect slice of cake.

But when cake cutting is involved, it involves more than simply cutting a slice from a whole. Will each piece be equal, or at least, perceived as equitable between the guests eating it? Will everyone be happy? Will the remaining pieces dry out? I look into how mathematics come into play when cutting a perfect cake slice, and reference two  journals, Nature from 1906, and Notices from 2006, that try to solve just those questions.

Scientifically and Mathematically Speaking – What’s the Best Way to Cut a Cake?

It would be a delicious question to solve.